Advantages of the Crash Course

(1) Full portions in Maths & Physics of Std.12 ISC / CBSE are completed by the end of May, before school reopens.

(2) Since Std.12 is a turning point in education, the Crash Course helps students to avoid wasting their precious summer holidays.

(3) Teacher-student ratio is maintained in such a way that each student gets individual attention.  Each student’s doubt in class is cleared immediately with 1:1 ratio.

(4) Even after the completion of Crash Course, doubts can be cleared with 1:1 teacher-student ratio, with a prior appointment, until the Board Exam, at no extra cost. 

(5) Those who undergo the Crash Course, find themselves  with better knowledge in tough subjects than their academic peers.

(6) Once school reopens, they get time to concentrate on other subjects and school projects.

(7) The Crash Course helps students to focus on studies at a stretch of less than three months.

(8) The stretch covering full portions, helps students to recall easily what was done in the previous classes. There is a better flow and continuity.

(9) Coaching throughout the year, after a tiring trip from school becomes too much of a load. So, travel during peak hours of horrible traffic, from June onwards could be reduced.


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